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Welcome to PD Building Automation – your go-to spot for Control4 Home Automation in Sydney, Australia! If you are ready for an extraordinary cinema experience tailored just for you, all within the cosy confines of your home, our cutting-edge interface and effortless integration takes the hassle out of juggling various electronics and audio gear.

Let’s make your home entertainment dreams come true!

Features include complete integration of lighting, HVAC, CCTV, security, audio-visual and more, all from a single platform.

A single app on your smart device can be used anywhere in the world to see or set the status of your home. View your camera or turn on the heating or cooling from anywhere worldwide.

Multi-room audio has never been more accessible or integrated better. Continuous product development ensures various options and flexibility. What’s more, for the best solutions for Control4 in Sydney, the product is certified and guaranteed for greater peace of mind.

Why Choose Control4 Home Automation?

Seamless Integration

Control4 Home Automation integrates effortlessly with a wide range of electronics, from Samsung smart TVs to high-end audio equipment. Our systems are designed to work in harmony, offering you a single interface to tune into your playlist, control your home audio, and much more.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay in the loop with real-time notifications. Whether it's a video doorbell alert or an update from your smart appliances, you'll never miss a matter of importance.

Intercom Anywhere

Our exclusive "Intercom Anywhere" feature allows you to communicate from any part of your home with ease. The system is fully integrated with keypads and interfaces, making it convenient for you to stay connected.

Features and Functionality

Video Doorbell and Security

Enhance your home security with our video doorbell options. Not only do you get a notification when someone is at the door, but you can also see and speak to them through the intercom.

Home Audio

Elevate your audio experience with our top-of-the-line audio equipment. Create playlists, tune into your favourite stations, or enjoy a cinema-like experience right at home.

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With Control4, personalization is at your fingertips. Customise your interface, set your preferences, and let the system take care of the rest.

Personalised Consultation

Invisible reCAPTCHA

Security is paramount, and our invisible reCAPTCHA ensures that your home is protected from unwanted adverts and spam.

Why Choose Us for Control4 Smart Home Automation in Sydney

Certified Control4 Specialists

Our team is trained and certified in Control4 systems, ensuring you get top-notch service and expertise.

Customised Solutions

We offer tailored Control4 automation setups that align perfectly with your home's unique requirements.

Sydney-Based Support

Being local to Sydney, we provide quick and efficient on-site service, from consultation to installation and support.

Quality Guaranteed

We adhere to the highest standards in all our installations, using only premium Control4 products.

Client-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your system operates flawlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Control4 is a leading smart home automation system that allows you to control multiple aspects of your home environment, including lighting, climate, entertainment, and security, all from a single interface.

Extremely. Control4 is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing even those who are not tech-savvy to manage their home automation easily.

Control4 is compatible with a wide range of smart home devices and can be integrated to work seamlessly with your existing setup.

Absolutely. Security is a top priority for Control4, and the system comes with several layers of encryption and authentication.

Simply contact us for a free consultation! Our team will assess your needs and recommend the perfect Control4 package for you.

Control4 Installation with features second to none

Gain control of your entire home right at your fingertips, by installing Control4 on a wall, or as an app on your mobile device.

Here is a roundup of some of the most impressive features delivered by Control4:

What is a Control4 Solution?

You have probably seen or heard the name Control4 somewhere. Maybe you saw it on a designer television show or stayed in a hotel with a Control4 solution. You probably did not realise it was Control4, as it is not a brand advertised in mainstream media.

Control4 controls lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC systems, security platforms, smart locks and more, working across multiple communications platforms such as LAN, Wireless, Zigbee and Z-Wave, and compatible with over 35 000 devices.

Innovative Home Automation Service

With owners of smart homes always looking for exceptional, innovative home automation services covering every aspect of their lifestyle, Control4 is a forward-thinking choice, sincerely a no-brainer.

It is one of the most comprehensive, fully integrated, and easy-to-use home automation systems, opening a range of opportunities to boost the quality, comfort and safety of your home to an unprecedented level.

Integrating your home’s security system and/or surveillance system with Control4 significantly enhances your peace of mind. You can comfortably check your surveillance cameras from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet, computer or another device.

Integrated Climate Control

Control can integrate seamlessly with your home’s climate control. You can adjust the thermostat remotely to save energy on heating or cooling when nobody is home. Never worry about controlling a component of your home’s technology again; everything is in one convenient location with Control4.

Whether you want to control a single operation, such as turning on lights or want to dim lights, turn on the television, close window shades and start Netflix, multiple functions can be controlled at a touch of a single button with Control4. Say goodbye to multiple remotes cluttering your home. Control4 integrates everything into a single and easy-to-use location.

A Partner You Can Trust

If Control4 sounds like the right home automation system for you, look no further than PD Automation for the best support and advice regarding installation, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. We are an authorised Control4 dealer and look forward to helping you discover the exceptional features and benefits of these extraordinary home automation systems.

Switch on the Smart Home of Tomorrow

Get ready to live a smarter, better, and greener life – today and tomorrow. Implement Control4 services for a future-ready smart home masterfully installed, delivered, and supported by PD Automation.


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Richard Sikorski
Richard Sikorski
Phil and the guys were on time and professional and performed the work in a timely manner thanks guys
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Blake W
Phil was very helpful and went above and beyond to help me with my lights and power around the house. Will definitely be getting Phil to install automation (dynalite) around my property this year. Thank you PD Building!
Neil Witheridge
Neil Witheridge
The tradesmen were professional and very helpful in helping me decide among alternatives. Excellent job, we’re so happy with the new lighting.
John Cutts
John Cutts
On time, polite, cleaned up and took the rubbish away
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Tony Moscato
Really happy with service, great communication, professional, prompt and friendly

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