Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation

Meet Your Brilliant New Helper Clipsal C-Bus.

What Is Clipsal C-Bus Lighting Control?

One of the leading home automation solutions currently available, and part of the Schneider Electric brand, Clipsal Cbus Home Automation – sometimes simply referred to as C-Bus – is a microprocessor-based system that enables you to control and manage your smart home. As long as your electrical device features a basic On/Off control, it can be included in your Clipsal landscape.

With Clipsal Cbus home automation solutions, homeowners can:

Clipsal C-Bus Lighting Control

Future-Ready Features

So, how does C Bus home automation system work? It’s actually much easier than you may think. Clipsal leverages its own patented method to allow you to update the status of its unit without the need for a centralised computer or controller.

This is super convenient and makes using this home automation system a real cinch – regardless of how much of a smart home expert you are.

At set time intervals, each Clipsal C-Bus unit starts up and displays its status, which means that it can transmit large amounts of data very quickly, reliably, and effectively, with virtually no processing overheads and no need for large bandwidth.

More Incredible Benefits with Clipsal C-Bus Lighting Control

As you might expect, the Clipsal C-Bus home automation system has many benefits. Let’s delve deeper into the main ones:


Helping You Make the Most of a Leading Solution

Creating a smart home doesn’t just mean installing a top-of-the-range home automation solution. What’s required, too, is the expert support of a trusted, professional, and dedicated partner who knows that solution like the back of their hand.

At PD Building Automation, we are proud to have been certified by Clipsal C-Bus as one of their master installers and maintenance providers globally. This enables us to offer our clients unbeatable service quality, flawless project execution, and ongoing after-sales support. Choose the flexibility, intelligence, and leading-edge features of a Clipsal C-Bus home automation system for an even smarter home. Choose PD Building Automation as your partner in delivering top-quality C-Bus home automation solutions.

Let us help you build the smart home of your dream, with Clipsal C-Bus Lighting Control Systems. We also offer other lighting control options, including Philips Dynalite home automation and KNX home automation

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