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Integrate Clipsal Home Automation With Our Assistance

In their SpaceLogic C-Bus, Clipsal home automation offers superb functionality alongside stylish,

well-designed touch controls in a range of on-trend architectural finishes.

Whether you prefer sleek, pure glass or elegant touch screens, there are options to suit anyone’s stylistic preferences.

You can expect remote access and control through a smart device and manual switches where you might need them.

What Can You Do With C-Bus Home Automation

With the SpaceLogic C-Bus by Clipsal, you can expect the following suite of functions:

If you have questions about the system’s capability to control other devices, please give us a call and ask, as the odds are high that the SpaceLogic C-Bus can handle it.

Understanding the SpaceLogic C-Bus System

Now that you know which features to expect, we want to break down how the system works, and to the surprise of many, it’s less complicated than they think.

Clipsal provides flexibility to your home automation through a patented method, offering updates to the unit’s status without a centralised computer or controller. This method makes using home automation a super simple task, regardless of how much experience you have with similar setups.

An example of this system’s power could be programming your C-Bus to light up your driveway and exterior lights the moment you open your front gate.

Facilitating Electricians in Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of C-Bus Lighting Control Systems

For an extended duration, PD Automation has been a reliable partner for electricians, homeowners, lighting designers, and facility managers. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive support encompassing professional design, documentation, supply, and commissioning of C-Bus lighting control systems.

C-Bus Programming and Lighting Control Systems by PD Automation Certified Experts

At PD Automation, our team includes qualified electrical engineers with extensive industry experience, making us adept at handling even the most intricate applications. Our transparent, forthright, and knowledgeable communication style empowers our clients to achieve C-Bus systems that meet world-class standards.

Moreover, due to our profound expertise, our guidance not only ensures projects are completed punctually and within budget but also steers clear of the setbacks, delays, and additional costs that come with experimenting with unsuitable alternatives.

Swift Resolution of C-Bus Challenges

PD Automation excels at promptly and effectively resolving C-Bus issues. This proficiency is attributed to our comprehensive programming knowledge and in-depth expertise with smart home systems. Homeowners relying on C-Bus systems find solace in witnessing their “smart homes” seamlessly come to life following our intervention, rectifying persistent problems that had eluded resolution by other contractors.

Rely on PD Automation for Your C-Bus Installation Needs

With over a decade of hands-on involvement with C-Bus systems, we possess the expertise to offer invaluable insights and practical guidance to electrical contractors engaged in the installation and programming of C-Bus lighting control systems. Our extensive experience equips us to provide assistance for projects of varying scales, ranging from expansive endeavors to individual room installations. PD Automation proudly holds the distinction of being a Certified Schneider Light and Room Eco Expert, and our comprehensive insurance coverage underscores our commitment to quality workmanship.

Our proficiency extends beyond C-Bus to encompass a variety of home automation and lighting control systems. This breadth of knowledge enables us to deliver impartial advice to electricians seeking the optimal solution for their specific applications.

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Richard Sikorski
Richard Sikorski
Phil and the guys were on time and professional and performed the work in a timely manner thanks guys
Blake W
Blake W
Phil was very helpful and went above and beyond to help me with my lights and power around the house. Will definitely be getting Phil to install automation (dynalite) around my property this year. Thank you PD Building!
Neil Witheridge
Neil Witheridge
The tradesmen were professional and very helpful in helping me decide among alternatives. Excellent job, we’re so happy with the new lighting.
John Cutts
John Cutts
On time, polite, cleaned up and took the rubbish away
Tony Moscato
Tony Moscato
Really happy with service, great communication, professional, prompt and friendly

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