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Transform Your Home With Control4, a World-Class Automation Solutions.

At PD Building Automation, we Install, Manage, and Maintain Control4 Home Automation.

Control4 Installation with features second to none

Gain control of your entire home right at your fingertips, by installing Control4 on a wall, or as an app on your mobile device.

Here is a roundup of some of the most impressive features delivered by Control4:

What Is Control4?

You have probably seen or heard the name Control4 somewhere. Maybe you saw it on a designer TV show or have stayed in a hotel that had a Control4 solution. You probably didn’t realise it was Control4 as it is not a brand you see advertised in mainstream media. You certainly won’t find Control4 kits on the shelves at Bunnings, or listed on Amazon.

Control4 is able to control lighting, multi-room audio, HVAC systems, security platforms, smart locks and more, working accross multiple communications platforms such as LAN, Wireless, Zigbee, Z-Wave.

Control4 is compatible with over 35,000 devices, it’s an exclussive club reserved for people with wanting their home managed by a Control4 dealer.

Holistic Benefits of Control4

With smart homeowners always on the lookout for exceptional, innovative home automation services that cover every aspect of their lifestyle, a product like Control4 is a forward-thinking choice – and a real no-brainer.

This is one of the most comprehensive, fully integrated, and easy-to-use home automation systems, opening up a range of opportunities to boost the quality, comfort, and safety of your home to unthinkable levels.

Here are some of the most impressive benefits that you will achieve by installing Control4 in your home:

A Partner You Can Trust

If Control4 sounds like the right home automation system for you, then look no further than PD Building Automation to receive the best support and advice with installation, implementation, and ongoing maintenance.

At PD Building Automation, we are a authorised Control4 dealers and are looking forward to helping you discover the exceptional features and benefits of these extraordinary home automation systems.


Switch on the Smart Home of Tomorrow

Get ready to live a smarter, better, and greener life – today and tomorrow. Implement Control4 services for a future-ready smart home, masterfully installed, delivered, and supported by PD Building Automation.

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