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At PD Automation, we know that when there’s a problem with your electrical system, a power outage or fault, this can cause massive disruption. You’ll need an exceptional electrician service that gets things up and running fast. At PD Building Automation, we believe you should be able to hire a Sydney electrician without fretting over service or price. So you can rest assured that you are choosing an electrical team who will perform an excellent job at a reasonable rate. Read more
We understand the potential risk and consequences of unforeseen electrical problems. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve earned a strong reputation in the Eastern Suburbs for our high-quality, inexpensive residential and commercial electrical services. Suppose you’ve blown a fuse, have a flickering light, or an outlet that doesn’t work, and you know it’s not a simple fix. In that case, you’ll need an electrician to help you avoid potentially dangerous electrical accidents. Our Electricians in Sydney can help you repair or install wiring and electrical systems up to code and help you get back to your normal routine safely. Hiring an electrician is a smart investment that can save you money in the long run. Sound electrical systems help keep your energy bills low and avoid costly repairs. PD Building Automation is here to help you with your electrical needs, big or small. We’ll make your home or business safe so you can relax and get on with your day. Don’t take a chance on cheap fixes. Electricity can be deadly. Make sure it’s repaired right. Our goal is simple – we want to be your trusted, dependable company for all things electrical. Our team of qualified, experienced professionals is at your disposal. We can handle any job quickly and precisely because we know how to do it right. We offer a full range of services, from maintenance to emergency repairs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including:
  •     Lighting control systems/home improvements – Increase the value of your house
  •     Commercial Lighting – Save money on your energy bill/reduce your carbon footprint
  •     Emergency and Outdoor Security Lighting – Keep your home safe from intruders
  •     Maintenance, Repairs and Fault Finding – Keep your business running/avoid costly downtime
We’re the experts you can trust to help keep your home or office safe, running smoothly and efficiently. So, contact PD Building Automation Sydney electricians today to end your electrical woes!

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Get things up and running with PD residential and commercial electrical services. At PD Building Automation, we deliver:


When it comes to electrical wiring, it's crucial to have a professional take a look. PD Sydney Electricians offer comprehensive servicing and repairs, ensuring your system is up to code.


Faulty wiring can be hazardous, leading to fires, severe injuries or death. Let the electricians at PD Building Automation look at your system and make the necessary repairs to keep you and everyone safe. Cutting corners may cost you more than just money.


Installing energy-saving equipment may seem expensive, but you can save money on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Every day, businesses in Greater Sydney are troubled by broken systems and equipment. You can rest assured PD Building Automation is ready and prepared to install, maintain, and repair to the highest standards.

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